File Upload

* You can use this page to upload files with a maximum file size of 128MB. If you need to upload larger files to our FTP site, please Contact Us to request access.

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. We utilize the latest technology and best practices to keep your data safe.

  • Data center servers are completely secure through 24 hour human monitoring and security systems
  • Data center servers are backed up continually and powered through battery backup with generator and cooling failsafes
  • Office network is completely internally wired, no wireless transfer of data
  • Office building is monitored by 24-hour security
  • Data is password protected and access is limited to personnel with a need-to-know only

To manage files which you have previously uploaded to our server please use the "Client Login" at the top-right of our website. You must be supplied a username and password to access this area.

Upload Your Files - Step One

Enter the number of files you will need to upload. Max = 9.

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