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Outsourcing Aerospace Tooling Stress Analysis
Consider what it takes to properly design the tools that are required to build aerospace projects. It is a daunting task for companies focused on the fast-paced work of aerospace tool design and manufacturing. Aerospace stress analysis can be somewhat of a foreign topic to tooling companies and many find a better option is to outsource this highly specialized work. But where do they go?
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Outsourcing Rules of Engagement
There are many advantages to partnering and engaging with other organizations outside your company. Conversely, small businesses rely on large companies to provide work and to help them grow. Outsourcing design and engineering services is an area that deserves study and strategy for best practices. It stimulates commerce. In fact it is a vital component of the business strategy of product development companies.
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Top Ten Criteria for a Successful Engineering Project
Everyone wants to be part of a successful program, but it is never successful because of one person's actions. A good project manager empowers his people to do their best. His/her job is to make decisions. The philosophy lies on the responsibility of the individuals and as a whole, the team. Hint: Positive attitudes and optimism are contagious.
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Aerospace Engineering Off-Shore Outsourcing; Benefit or Blunder
If you could offer your services to an existing market at half the going price, surely you could find clients that would recognize your enthusiasm and give you a chance. It's a win-win, right? Easy sell it would seem. Not so fast.
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Product Development Business Health Audit
Questions that a CEO or plant manager of a product development company should be asking, and obviously, should know the answers to. If you are ready to gain valuable insight into the health of your company, then take the audit.
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How to Check Another Engineer's Calculation
Checking a calculation done by another engineer can be one of the most important responsibilities of your engineering career. After you give your approval of the
calculation, very few people will question its accuracy because it was done by an engineer and "its been checked!"
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