Speed Aerospace specializes in providing high-level expertise required for the design and structural analysis of air and space vehicles.

ITAR Registered, #M45130

Just as a machine requires design plans in order to be built to fulfill its specific purpose, a successful project requires specific objectives so that completion is on time and on budget. Let us introduce you to a measure of excellence we call our Seven Project Pillars.

Welcome to Speed Aerospace

A High-Quality Aviation Service Provider

The aerospace industry requires lean engineering. That's why we exist!

  • We provide exceptional service with the ability to get the job done right the first time
  • We have flexibility for both long and short term client needs
  • We are able to respond quickly and meet critical deadlines
  • We are able to work in any one of the many popular CAD systems


Whether your project uses Catia®, Uni-Graphics®, Pro/ENGINEER®, AutoCAD®, or any other of the popular CAD systems, we provide the right people when you need them.


We attract top aerospace analysts. Our people know what it takes to pass stringent FAR criteria and STC approval using a combination of classical methods and company templates. Our analysts come from companies like Boeing, Lockheed, Bell, and Vought, experienced with many design manuals and methods. The analyst you work with will be appropriately aligned with your needs.

Speed Aerospace will be your last stop in searching for the help you need.

Using Stress Analysis for Tooling

Consider what it takes to properly design the tools that are required to build aerospace projects. It is a daunting task for companies focused on the fast-paced work of aerospace tool design and manufacturing. Aerospace stress analysis can be somewhat of a foreign topic to tooling companies and many find a better option is to outsource this highly specialized work. But where do they go?
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