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Speed Aerospace Services

Systems & Mechanical Design
Conceptual Design, Drafting, Layouts, Detail Design, Materials Selection, Weight Minimization, Wiring, Plumbing, Routing & Cabling
Classical methods, Finite Element Analysis, Weight Optimization, Load Path Optimization, Mechanisms, Formal Report Writing, Report Reviews
Computer Simulation
Static, Fracture and Fatigue, Thermal (Steady State & Transient), Modal, Buckling & Stability, Non-Linear Analyses, Dynamic (Time, Frequency, Shock & Random), Base Excitation, Rigid-Flexible Body Motion Analysis, Gear Design & Analysis, Cam and Slot Design, Rendered Animations, Walk-through Renderings
Fluid Dynamics
Thermal Heat Transfer Optimization, Turbulence Minimization, Flow Control Design, Cabin Decompression Analysis
Plastic Mold Flow
Porting, Gating, Property Uniformity, Minimum Gage Design
Hardware Structural Testing
Destructive Testing, Pull Tests, Allowables Development, DER Witnessed FAA Certification Testing, Cooperative with University of Texas
Trouble Shooting
Assistance with difficult engineering applications, Alternative strategies, Priority service for urgent problems
Development of best methods and procedures for your company, including data management solutions such as PDM and Intralink