Speed Aerospace has provided engineering services to a broad list of industry leaders including:

Associated Air Center
General Dynamics IS
Lockheed Ft. Worth
Heritage Aviation
BEA Aerospace
Hughes Training
Goodrich Aerospace
Star Aircraft Products
Corning Mirrors
ITT Industries
Pratt & Whitney
GE Aircraft Engines
Loral Defense
Flight Safety International
Lockheed Rockets (Atlas)
Allison Gas Turbines
Sandia National Labs
Los Alamos Labs
Spirit AeroSystems

LetterLetter From the President
About Speed Aerospace

Speed Aerospace was founded in response to the increasing demand for aerospace technical professionals in today's multi-tiered program environment. Speed Aerospace represents the focusing of an already successful consulting company (www.speedconsulting.com) into the aerospace vertical market. Speed Consulting was founded by aerospace professionals making the spin-off a natural progression.

Our purpose is to provide the resources to fill the needs of aerospace companies to outsource their design and analysis services. Unlike many companies in the field, Speed Aerospace attracts the aerospace professional with a high level of experience, setting us aside from the pack. We believe that the most important factor clients need in outsourcing technical services is experience.

The cost of using inexperienced resources in the long term can far outweigh the price of using experienced people the first time. Each one of our professionals is considered lead or management level and has passed our stringent qualification requirements.

Other qualities that separate Speed Aerospace apart:

  • Use our software (no need to borrow your CAD/FEA licenses)
  • Uniquely situated in the central time zone serving both east and west coast clients
  • No need for Export Control when dealing with our all American citizen staff on USA soil
  • Willingness and ability to travel to your location when needed, no questions asked
  • High-Speed data transfer between our computers and yours
  • Data vault security protection of your electronic data
  • Dallas/Ft Worth area steeped in Aerospace and teaming with talent

Call today to speak with us about your needs. We promise to treat your program with the same sense of professionalism and urgency as you do.


Speed Consulting provided the building blocks and experience for Speed Aerospace, a focusing of design and analysis services towards the aerospace industry. If you are looking for consulting services, please check out our sister company at:

Speed Consulting