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Speed Aerospace strives to treat every client with the utmost respect and personal attention they deserve.

Extruded Products Consulting

Extruded Products ConsultingFor businesses with extruded product lines or those considering the production of extruded parts, at Speed Aerospace we offer development and product improvement assistance with our extruded products consulting services. Our experience in this area will improve productivity and output, directly impacting profitability. We have worked with customers in an array of industries, amassing invaluable practical knowledge that we pass on to our clients to lessen their time to market and bypass costly mistakes. As part of an in-depth consultation and product evaluation, our team starts with conceptual development and product definition, determining part objectives and designing for intended product performance. Utilizing a range of advanced tools for analysis we will design extruded parts for manufacturing and assembly, and configure layouts according to such factors as structural integrity, end use temperatures, assembly time, and other determinants. All components and their connection methods are detailed, and performance simulations are carried out to work out fit, tolerance, and other issues. The most important concern for extruded products is material selection and usage. We will identify what material properties are vital for the product's application and the production method, making the appropriate choice with respect to both the product and project budget. We optimize geometries for the most efficient use of material, minimizing material volume and waste. Another important but often overlooked element influencing product performance is the selection of incorporated fastening systems, and properly treating them against galvanic corrosion.

All technical and primary design elements are negotiated within the boundaries of industry standards. We ensure agreement with applicable requirements such as compliance with regulatory statutes including those set by standards agencies, as well as adherence to local building code stipulations and ADA regulations. In some cases, we have projects that must comply with earthquake, snow, and wind loads. Our methodical process leads us through all important primary and ancillary project considerations, arriving at a successful, well-designed product that customers can trust to exceed expectations. To have the best chance at standing out in a competitive marketplace it is imperative not to leave things to chance. At Speed Aerospace we have a proven record, and we are committed to utilizing our resources and expertise to assure the achievement of our customers as they introduce and improve their products. For more information about our extruded products consulting services please contact us directly.


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