Our Seven Project Pillars:

  • Statement of Work
  • Client Formats
  • Project Manager
  • Stand-up Meetings
  • Engineering Updates/Reviews
  • Accounting Updates
  • Critical Design Reviews
Seven Project Pillars

Just as a machine requires design plans in order to be built to fulfill its specific purpose, a successful project requires specific objectives so that completion is on time and on budget. Let us introduce you to a measure of excellence we call our Seven Project Pillars. The degree of collaboration is up to you. Just know that we are willing to execute on any or all of these objectives to ensure the success of your project.

Our people have been selected because of their exceptional technical skill and broad experience. But having the right people is not enough. The best intentions can fail without sound principles backing them. Experience has taught us that success rarely comes by accident. It is the result of establishing and adhering to specific goals and objectives.

Listed below are seven pillars which ensure the highest return of your investment in us. Understanding your objectives and successful completion of our responsibilities depends on the establishment and constant monitoring of these pillars.

1. Statement of Work

We collaborate with you to define a statement of work for the project so that your needs are clearly understood by our team. The result is that at project kick-off, both parties clearly understand what work is expected, project milestones, schedule, and cost. You have the right to certain expectations, and we have the responsibility to deliver on those expectations. The statement of work aids in outlining these criteria.

2. Client Formats

Our contribution to your work records should be transparent to your customer. Uniformity and consistency in report formats contributes to the look of professionalism. We will ensure that our work product matches your company formats. You will receive original electronic copies of our data for your archives.

3. Project Manager Assigned to Your Project

You will be appointed a project manager to act as a channel of communication to our team. The project manager is accountable to executive management and acts as a conduit between you and us. The project manager’s responsibilities are:

  • To be the primary contact for engineering and administrative needs and facilitates the general flow of information
  • To be accountable to your team and institutes prompt responses to program issues
  • To be intimately familiar with all aspects of your program
  • To anticipate potential issues before they arise
  • To be attentive and proactive in maintaining positive communication channels

4. Status Meeting Participation

We offer to be part of your regular stand-up meetings. As partners we share responsibility and risk in the success of the program. We dial in and participate via speaker phone and integrate with the team just as if we were standing in the room with you. Your project engineers deserve to have our attention and devotion to urgent developments in the program.

Whether course changes are required or short parallel studies are needed, we are there with you to respond in real-time. Our project managers are willing to report our status in accordance with your schedule. We can be the most effective team members when our fingers are on the pulse of the current issues affecting your project.

5. Routine Engineering Updates/Reviews

You deserve to have consistent monitoring of our progress and visibility on critical issues. Routine communication ensures positive progress. You may inform us of any changes in program status or requirements and we will inform you of our progress and status. We recommend that the engineering reviews occur weekly, at a minimum.

6. Weekly Accounting Updates

Financial transparency is paramount to developing satisfied clients and trusting relationships. Constant tracking and consistent monitoring are keys in staying within financial boundaries. Financial oversight is ensured with weekly accounting updates. During statement of work development, financial goals may be mapped to critical program milestones. Weekly accounting updates provide visibility and tracking to those milestones.

Weekly accounting reports are provided to ensure visibility is maintained on hours spent and hours remaining on purchase orders. Progress is measured with actual budget against predictions and are included in each weekly report.

7. Critical Design Reviews

We are willing to take part in your critical design reviews and are available for travel if necessary, no questions asked. Our future growth hinges on the success of your project. We will do anything within our power to ensure that success. You are entrusting us as a critical team member and we are willing to be part of any and all reviews to help you.