Randy Speed is the president and founder of Speed Aerospace. A California native, Randy has made his home in Texas. He extends the Texas handshake culture to the aerospace services industry, bringing a combination of "honesty above reproach" attitude and best-in-class talent to an industry in need of a fresh change. Quick to invite you for some Texas cuisine over a business meeting, Randy's soft-spoken demeanor and customer-first attitude are a welcome combination to the aerospace community.

Letter From the President


Thank you for taking just a moment to read this note. I realize that your time is important and promise to be brief. I would like to introduce my company, Speed Aerospace.

After witnessing a respectable aerospace company's attempt to outsource design and analysis work to an inexperienced design shop, an indelible mark was impressed upon me.

This experience was both sad and revealing. Cost and schedule went far beyond reason. I could have predicted the inevitable humiliating result, taking a toll on both the people and the company’s reputation. This unfortunate experience sparked a desire to do something about it. I realized that the industry needed experienced and reliable temporary talent. Something that I knew I could deliver.

After running a design consulting company for over a decade, I decided to refine and focus what I have learned towards the aerospace business, an industry that I am very passionate about.

Our value proposition is simple. Hire and maintain the brightest engineers in industry, provide first class service, and treat customers as partners - excellence as our guiding principle.

Please review the many benefits of using Speed Aerospace on your next project. Review our Top Ten Reasons for a Successful Aerospace Project white paper. When you need top talent on your next design project, give us a call. We will help your company by providing the expertise when you need it, and successfully delivering design on time.

Thank you again for allowing me a few moments of your time.


Randy Speed